Half day tours in KwaZulu-Natal can take you to a Game Reserve, a Wildlife Sanctuary, or so much more! If you only have few hours in South Africa, then check out our half day tours to make the most of your time here. Also a great way to add on another activity if your flight time makes this possible.


Full day tours in KwaZulu-Natal can take you to a Big 5 Game Reserve, the summit of the Drakensberg Mountains, or so much more! In one day, you can view some of South Africa's most picturesque scenery, have a rich experience of African wildlife, culture, and history, and do it all while supporting conservation and sustainable tourism.


Overnight tours in KwaZulu-Natal are the perfect getaways to experience the beauty of the day and night in Africa. Overnight tours can take you to Big 5 Game Reserves, to the peaks and the beautiful valleys of the Drakensberg Mountains, and to so much more! In two days, you can really take in some of South Africa's beautiful scenery, culture, and history.


Multi-day tours in KwaZulu-Natal are the perfect way to fall in love with South Africa. You can choose the diversity of a bit of everything, or take it slow and sink into one themed experience to enjoy the most of KZN. Multi-day tours give you time to settle in and enjoy the beauty of Africa. Explore the wildlife by day and by night, on drives and on foot.


We specialise in custom tours that can take you off the beaten track to places that few have been. Contact us with your interests, so we can tailor make a tour to perfectly match you! KwaZulu-Natal is full of charming, understated, unique, and exciting places that are hidden away like jewels in quiet places.


Specialised tours in KwaZulu-Natal can give you just about any experience on your wish-list whether that's something tranquil, fascinating, educational, or adrenaline pumping! Specialised tours focus on niché interests and hobbies for starters and veterans.


Our Story

Shanil Balgobind, the Founder of Kimburi Tours, took to nature, camping, and hiking at a young age when he began exploring the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Southern Africa with his family. But it wasn't until he was completing his Master's in Environmental Law that his calling to a closer walk with nature began to take shape. While volunteering at a local nature reserve between studies, Shanil observed the challenges of the tourism industry. Kimburi Tours was then born to be a direct part of the solution to sustainable tourism.

The Founder is an active and key part of the business and continues to find adventure, peace, and purpose in sharing this amazing country with guests. He has built a valued "clan" who each have an inspiring story about their journey into tour guiding, and who all share Kimburi's values, purpose, and adventurous spirit.

Together the clan upholds the company's integrity and excellent customer experience reputation at every touch point with guests, the community, and nature. You can meet the team on the clan page, and you can hear what Kimburi client's experience on our reviews here: *link*

Our Focus

The focus is sustainable tourism as well as excellent quality and customer experience within the parameters of sustainability. This is upheld by keeping sustainability conscious throughout the company's activities and decisions as well by adhering to international industry norms and standards.

Kimburi Tours aspires to be at the forefront of the tourism industry where the company can make a difference in the lives of their guests, their team, and the local communities that work with the business. Kimburi Tours is conscious of conserving the environment and the industry for present and future generations.