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KwaZulu-Natal is full of charming, understated, unique, and exciting places that are hidden away like jewels in quiet places. We've listed a few of the places that we visit to give you a feel for what is out there. Take a look at the specialised tours too, if you want more ideas.

Eastern & Western Shores Game Reserves

The Eastern and Western Shores of Lake St. Lucia are a remarkable display of nature's contrasting beauty. Feel the sea breeze, smell the coast, and experience immensely diverse forest wildlife behind the sand dunes. This "island" is utterly and beautifully surrounded by wildlife reserves, the ocean, and the estuary. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it offers biodiversity, scenery, and boardwalks that are world-renowned. Rehabilitated wildlands and timber plantations form part of the identity of a diverse story of nature's survival. Sharing the reserve with immensely diverse species of land animals, birdlife, and marine life are the tsessebe antelope in the wildlands of the west, and KwaZulu-Natal's highest concentration of leopard in the forest lined east, known as the Cape Vidal. The Eastern Shores Reserve offers the best chance to spot leopard, or even to see their paw prints on the beach. There is also a night drive available which offers a memorable atmosphere with the chance to spot the nocturnal leopard as well as owls and hyena.

Giant's Castle Game Reserve

The Giant's Castle Game Reserve views are so breath-taking that all you see is mountains. The tour takes you to the base of the escarpment within the Central Drakensberg region. This is a tour suitable for walkers who prefer an easier hike to what is arguably the best preserved San Rock Art or Bushmen Cave Paintings in the Drakensberg region which is known for its collection of mysterious ancient paintings. The beautiful valleys and hills of this region are home to the revered eland as well as the rear bearded vulture, and other endangered species.

Royal Natal Nature Reserve*

The Royal Natal Nature Reserve offers scenic views, intriguing caves, and the cascades of the second highest waterfall in the world, the Tugela Falls. See the world renowned Amphitheatre, the black eagle, and the bearded vulture. A hiker's dream of endless mountain trails to choose from with beginners and experienced hikers welcome. There are trails to the bottom and to the top of the falls. Cave accommodation is an exciting feature possible (but not a pre-requisite) at this destination.

*Requires a minimum of 2 days as travel time to this destination restricts single day tours.

Tembe Elephant Park

A must-see for elephant lovers, Tembe Elephant Park is one of the last havens for some of the few remaining tuskers. Tembe Elephant Park's 30 000 hectares offers close encounters with some of Africa's largest elephants. Tuskers are believed to have a genetic trait that gives them particularly large tusks. The land is an authentic ancestral community success story where the home of the tribe is conserved and co-run by the people. The Reserve is home to the Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo) as well as more than 340 bird species and other wildlife. Situated between Mozambique and South Africa, this Big 5 reserve is a get-away in a beautiful eco-system.

Bayete Zulu Elephant Interaction

The Bayete Zulu Elephant Interaction offers a rare and ethical opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with a group of elephants that have found a safe haven on the Zululand and Elephant Coast of Northern KwaZulu-Natal. The elephants roam freely within a Big 5 Game Reserve. They visit the interaction project habitually with their rangers who "form part of their herd." Under the expert guidance of these remarkable rangers, the most humbling intimate experience of standing underneath the trunk of the largest land animal becomes a reality.

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